Big Hat No Cattle

The Millionaire Mindset

Are You Tough Enough To Be A Millionaire?

Big Hat No Cattle is a Slow and Steady Process to Financial Freedom.

A book to reignite your dreams of wealth without losing happiness. Big Hat No Cattle explores:

  • Are you tough enough to be a millionaire?
  • What is the Millionaire Mindset?
  • What does it take and what are the disciplines?
  • Learn the differences between riches and wealth.
  • What does your money say about you?
  • Does your money work for or against you?
  • Learn the art of saving before spending.
  • Your income does not determine your wealth.



Bill Davey has always taken the road less traveled. Author, Teacher, Entrepreneur, Saver, and Speaker. Bill spreads a powerful message to take control of your money and reach your financial goals. Bill brings a different leadership, energy, and excitement to a real-world approach about obtaining and sustaining wealth.

Save Money

Follow A Budget & Be Frugal

Avoid Debt

Work Smart & Hard

Dream Big And Then Act

Thrive On Knowledge

Don’t Be Afraid Of Risk

Choose Friends Wisely & Help Others

Teach Family About Money