Master Networks

“You Are Only One Relationship Away
From Changing Your Future.”
Our Mission

Master Networks’ mission is to lead a movement of learning-based, service-oriented entrepreneurs and business leaders.

 Our commitment is to educate, equip, and empower our members to build a legacy beyond the business!




Affiliate Rewards Paid


How much does it cost?
There is a one-time application fee of $200, then you can choose between a monthly plan of $49.95/mo or annual plan of $499.50/yr. 
How do I join a chapter?
Click on “Chapters” right there at the top of this page! You’ll jump to the searchable map where you can find a chapter near you. Just attend your first meeting and let the president know that you’d like to join Master Networks! Visitors are always welcome at chapter meetings.
What happens in the chapter meeting?
Chapter meetings are the heart and soul of Master Networks! In those meetings, we participate training, business showcases, and breakout sessions where members can talk to each other about the principles they’re learning. 
And as we work together in chapters, passing referrals to each other and scheduling face-to-face meetings, we network and build lasting relationships! 
What do I get when I join?
Our second favorite question! You’ll be able to participate fully in your chapter meetings, and have access to Master Networks University and all the training included there. 
What is the training we have in our chapter meetings? 
Training is divided up between the weeks where the first week of the month is focused on bonding and networking. The second and fifth weeks are focused on learning practical ways to operate your business, and the third week is all about working on those leadership skills. The fourth week is all about personal development.  
What are the Affiliate Rewards all about?

Master Networks’ Affiliate Rewards is the program that sets us apart from other networking groups. Any member can sponsor someone into Master Networks. When that new member signs up and submit your name, you become their sponsor!

As a sponsor, you’ll earn $10 every month. If you sponsor someone who decides to get an annual membership, you get $100 right then and there. 

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