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Lead Capture & Generation

16 Blogging Resources Improve your blog capabilities with these resources.
21 Days of Gain A great lead follow-up program J Michael Manley.
39 Blogging Tips From the Pros
337 Blog Topics Never run out of blog topics again!
About.me A personal page that is all about you.
BrandYourself.com Get better Google results for your name.
BuzzSumo Analyze keywords to use for your industry and get your pages ranked higher.
CashFlow Tactics  FREE Live Webinar Learn how to Financially FREE in 10 Years or Less.
ClickFunnels.com A great way to sell/promote a product or service.  Also, a fabulous way to become HyperLocal.
ClickTest Free site that allows you to find out where people go on your site.
CognitoForms Create custom lead captures forms.  Make them as minimal or robust as you want.
Comm100 A live chat option that can be added to your website.
Community and Blog Templates Use this as a guideline for building content.
GoDaddy.com Domain registration company that offers good pricing and service for domains to help market your site.  Google search Domain Name and one of the ads at the top will be for GoDaddy and you can purchase your first domain name for 99 cents! 
INK – Web Content Optimizer The creator said it best.  This is Grammarly for writing better content on the web.  Content that will be found by Google.  It’s a Freemium Plugin.
InTouch from Pat Zaby Powerful (automatic!) email and social media branding tool.  Promo code tritt will get the $100 the start-up fee waived and you receive 30 days free.  Go to the InTouch site or Print the order form
LeadPages.net Create custom landing/squeeze pages.  “Free eBook” or “5 Ways to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar.”
Mojosells.com A lead management power dialing service.
MyOutDesk.com A great resource to help with Craigslist postings and all of your other admin work.  Free yourself up to focus on your 20% of your business and not the distractions.  Interested in knowing more?  Fill out this form to inquire about their services.
Nextdoor.com  A GREAT site to help you with connecting with your neighbors.
Pipl.com Test this site with your own name.  Prepare to be AMAZED!
SignUpGenius.com Free online sign up forms for pretty much any event you need. 
SlickText.com Text marketing made easy.  Use promo code STR771 to receive 15% off your first month.
Slydial Contact your individual contacts and leave a message without ringing their phone!
Slybroadcast Contact your list of cell contacts to broadcast a message to all of their phones!
Spokeo Another tool to assist in a background check of someone.  Use this to estimate their wealth.
Tax Credit & Profit Recovery – FREE consultation from American Benefits Exchange could lead to thousands of dollars!
TheCusimanoMethod.com – FREE booklet and video training on how to make over $250K annually with Facebook….No ads!
Upkeep Media – A great resource for Commercial Real Estate SEO development and more.
WalkScore.com This site has an HTML code option to add to your website/blogs.
WuFoo.com This site allows you to create custom forms for your website.  Get 3 free forms when you sign up.  Here is a video that walks you through how to set up a WuFoo form.  Some other form options are Cognito Forms and FormSite.


Google Adwords Learn the best keywords to use when advertising on Google.  Example of why Adwords is so important to Google.

Google Alerts  Use this to monitor your market and what is mentioned about you and your business online.  Need someone to manage and elevate your Google Ads?  Contact us for our preferred list of vendors.
Google Analytics Track all activity to your website with this tool.
Google Blogger A powerful blogging platform. Better SEO with Blogger and Getting started tutorials.
Google Chrome Store – View all of the extensions available.
Google Chrome Extension – Folio Powerful email to text option
Google Chrome Extension – Send Your email to SMS Powerful email to text option
Google Dashboard Google owns the world.  Do you want to see how much they own in your world?
Google Domains Google has jumped into the domain business.
Google Drive Google’s answer to cloud services like Dropbox.  Google Docs now part of Drive.
Google Gmail Gmail received a radical redo in 2018.  25 Tips for the new look of Gmail.
Google Forms Completely custom lead capture forms.
Google G Suite Use an array of business tools to help grow your team.  Here is the pricing plan WITH PROMO CODES! 20% off the first year for G Suite Basic Plan with U9K7NKUWX9NDRHM and 20% off the first year for G Suite Business Plan N494CMKPXF4LVUL
Google Hangouts Group conversations and easy to voice and video chat.  NOTE – it can affect the use of making calls via Gmail. 
Google Keyword Free tool to determine the keywords people are searching for.
Google Local Guides Great way to dominate your niche market.
Google Maps Use this site to pull up desired maps and frame in on your site using the link option.  Log into Google and learn how to create, customize a Google Map.  Example:  Austin Taco Map. 
Google Maps Tool – LocalFalcon.com Use this to determine your local rank on Google Maps and who to get to the top rank.
Google My Business This will make you money as a business owner.  Essential. 
Google My Business – Request Reviews Link Use the steps on this page to request reviews for your Google My Business Page.  
Google My Business Support Direct link to reach out and connect with Google My Business Support for questions and concerns.
Google One Share space with your family, contact a Google representative, get benefits and more
Google Photos Store all of your photos for free, with easy to use options.  Create videos, collages, albums and more. 
Google Shopping Google’s answer to Amazon.  Compare prices on your hardware and good before buying.  
Google Small Thanks Free Marketing for Google My Business owners.
Google Takeout A free way to export your data from one Google account to another. 
Google Tips Helpful tips on pretty much every Google product.
Google Translate Translate your website to almost any language for free.
Google Transliteration (Input Tools) Translate a message from one language to another.
Google Trends  Compare keywords that be used on your site.
Google Voice This creates one number for all of your numbers and SMS.  It does so much more as well.
Google Vision – Use this API from Google to improve the thumbnails on your YouTube videos.  An amazingly accurate tool to help increase engagement on your videos.
Google Webmaster Install this on your site to see view your website through Google’s eyes. 
Google Webmaster Central Blog Want to get better SEO with Google?  Why not learn what to do directly from Google!
Google Web Submission Submit your website’s URL to Google to possibly help with your site ranking.


111 Keyboard Shortcuts The hidden world uncovered.
Adblock Plus The best thing since sliced bread and it is FREE!
Asana.com A shared task list for your team.   
BeLarc.com Do a PC audit on your system that will tell you everything about your machine.
CNet.com A great hardware/software review site.
Dragon Dictation A voice to text, free mobile software
Database Conversions – iCloud to CSV and Android to Excel.
Dropbox This program allows you to easily store, sync and share files from one machine to another all on a secure web-based platform.
Gigster Hire a quality developer in minutes.
Go2Convert.com This handy little site allows you to convert file formats into other formats in a matter of seconds. 
JourneyEd.com A site that offers discounts for trainers AND students K-12.
LogMeIn.com Log in anywhere, anytime to your devices.
MacWorld Everything you need to know about Macs, including reviews.
MonoPrice.com A great site for hardware and tech accessories.
NewEgg.com A great resource site for all types of tech purchases.
PCWorld Reviews and everything you need to know about PCs. 
Pingdom.com See how fast your site is.  Google says that 53% of mobile users leave a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
Rocketbook One of the best purchases for my business.  All of your notes in one reusable notebook.  And you can transfer the notes to anywhere and anyone you want!
Shoeboxed This app manages your receipts.
User Agent Switcher A great way to show a mobile version of your site on your laptop.  Improve your presentations!
Woot.com A great site to find deals for tech products and more.
YippieMove Migrate your email and attachments from one email system to another.
ZenDesk.com Helpdesk software that keeps a copy of past requests.  Perfect for offices and teams. 


3D Technology Soon this will be the norm.  Companies like MatterPort and 3DVista are pushing the boundaries.
Adobe Spark Tell your story in a unique way.
Animoto.com The end of slideshows.  Create FREE 30 second videos or pay for the service to have all of the bells and whistles.
BombBomb Video marketing with campaigns.
BoxBrownie FREE Email Signature log into your BB account and you can create a signature for free, with directions on how to load it.
Camtasia Video and Photo Editing Powerful, but easy to use editing software.  One time purchase of $199.
Canva.com A very easy site (and Free) to use in creating custom marketing pieces.
Compressor.io A very easy site (and Free) to use in reducing the size of photos. 
DotSub Video captioning tool.  Take your English speaking video and subtitle it!  Easy steps to make this happen.
DV Prompter A fully functioning teleprompter scripting app.  Allows you to speed up or slow down the app and help you look professional on video.
Easel.ly Create and share your ideas with impressive visuals – For Free!  Here is an example of what you can create.  Dana Gentry’s Path to Selling Your Home.  
Easil.com A drag/drop DIY site for your marketing pieces.  Very easy to use.
Free HTML5 Flip Books – Create an interactive eBook in minutes!
FreeImages.com Download free stock photos.
FreePik.com A great free photo resource.
Foap.com A great pay online photo resource with a twist.  Download their app, add great photos to the site and get paid!
HouseLens.com Create quality video tours for your listings with this company.
Houzz.com Home design site.  GREAT site for real estate ideas to share with your client.  Please note: you can’t use these photos for commercial use.
Join.me Add this Chrome Extension and open Join.me directly from the browser.
iPlayerHD.com A great hosting alternative for Viemo.com that is real estate friendly.
iStockPhoto.com Download unique, high-resolution photos at a minimal cost.  Great for print marketing and websites.
Ivipid.com Create custom intros to your videos.
KWConnect Personalized Videos Create custom videos with your voice-over work.  Perfect for agents that don’t have time to create the video but want to use video.
Logo Tournament Have 50-200 plus graphic artists and companies bid for your work for as little as $250.
Openphoto.net  Download free stock photos.
Photobucket Apps for this great online photo site.
Photo Resizer options for Mac users
Photo Resizer for PC users
PicMonkey is an easy, but powerful photo editing tool. 
Pixabay Great resources for FREE photos.
Placeit.net Promote your app or mobile responsive site with these specifically designed images.
PowToon Create animated and cartoon images for your presentations. 
RelayThat Easily improve your social media marketing. 
Remove.bg Load your photo and remove the background for FREE in seconds, with no click!
ScanCafe.com This overseas company will scan various versions of media.  Secure and cheap.  A great value to share with your clients.
ScreencastOMatic Powerful screen capture option for PC or Mac.
Screenflow Mac users create HD screen videos that loaded easily to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  Very easy to use.  PC user – here are some Screenflow alternatives for Windows.
ShutterStock.com  A great site to compare with iStockPhoto.com
Skitch A Free, powerful screen capture and editing tool that has so many uses.  Acquired by Evernote so it works perfectly with that product as well.
Slidely A Free online photo slideshow maker.
SnagIt.com This site allows you to capture any image on your screen and modify/add items to it.  Great for presentations, training manuals and marketing.  
Snappa.com  Create graphics for your blogs, social media posts, website, ads and more.
Vimeo.com An alternative to YouTube.  Here are some great examples.  Note: iPlayerHD.com has become more realtor friendly lately.
WhatFontIs.com Great tool to find out what font you are viewing.  Use this tool or the next one.
What the Font? Find a font that you like.  Upload to this site to determine the style.
YouTube.com One of the largest search engines out there.  You can post and/pull videos from to embed into your website or blog.  Here are some great real estate video examples: Power of TeamworkTommy Thompson, Austin Agent Jill
YouTube – Create a Custom URL rules and regulations.
YouTube – Live Stream You can now run live streaming videos on YouTube.
YouTube Free Music Downloads Use these songs for your videos AND items outside of YouTube!
 – Zoom is one of the best recording systems for screen share and face to face.  Easy to setup and use.

Smart Apps

Adobe Photoshop Fix (iOS) Improve your photos on the go for FREE.
Chicago Title Walking Farm (iOS & Droid) Draw your walking route and this will keep you organized with all of your notes.  Pretty awesome.
Genius Scan (iOS & Droid) Turn your iPhone and iPad into a pocket scanner.
Google Maps (iOS & Droid) Find what you need, where it is and how to get there with Google Maps.  The app interface is clean and easy for a beginner to advanced users.
Instagram (iOS & Droid) Powerful photo app that is stepping up on the video side.  Especially with hyper-lapse. (iOS)  A great Real Estate example of Hyperlapse. A city promo example.
MadeWithOver (iOS) Very easy way to add text and artwork to your photos.
Magisto (iOS & Droid) Video editing easily done on the fly.
PDF Expert 5 (iOS) A great annotation app.  Easy to use.
ProCreate (iOS) A powerful sketch and painting tool.  Best known for this drawing.
Viber.com (iOS & Droid) Free calls, free text message, photo etc. on multiple platforms.
Videohance (iOS) A video editor for being on the go.
Videolicious (iOS) A powerful video editor that is simple to use.
Voxer (iOS & Droid) Powerful and easy way to collaborate with your team, clients or family.
Waterlogue (iOS & Droid) Use your creativity on this one to design amazing marketing pieces.
Word Swag (iOS) An awesome photo editor in your pocket.

Real Estate Client-Specific Apps

ColorSnap Studio (iOS & Droid) Discover a world of color at your fingertips.  With ColorSnap Studio™, you can explore over 1,500 colors, get color inspiration from a photo or virtually paint your walls with the brush of a finger.  It’s all of the features you love about ColorSnap, plus so much more.  All for free.
DotLoop (iOS) Use their mobile app to create loops, e-sign and more.
Easy Measure (iOS & Droid) Agents know to always bring a tape measure, but this is a great alternative.
HomeAdvisor (iOS & Droid) Get matches to top Remodelers, Plumbers and more.
HomeSnap for Agents (iOS & Droid) Create a customized profile on this app for your clients.  They snap a picture of any home -nationwide.  HomeSnap identifies the house and finds out how much it’s worth.  NOTE: They do charge the agent a 30% referral fee.
Houzz Interior Design (iOS & Droid) Called the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN, Houzz has the largest database of home design ideas on the net, with over 700,000 high-resolution photos.  Browse photos by style, room, and location and save them to your virtual idea book – it’s the equivalent of clipping design magazines to a scrapbook. Find everything from local designers to architects and contractors who can help you realize your ideas.  The best part is, browsing your idea book; they’ll get exactly what you’re trying to do.
Keller Williams Mobile Search (iOS & Droid) Personalized app for each KW agent.  “My App, My Leads.”
Key Me (iOS & Droid) Get duplicate keys mailed to you or made in seconds.
MagicPlan (iOS & Droid) Measures your rooms and Draws your floor plan just by taking pictures.  You can then get your floor plan in a PDF, JPG and DXF format or publish an interactive floor plan on the web in just a few minutes.
Mortgage Payment Calculator Free (iOS) is a fast and really easy way to determine your monthly payment.  Perfect for potential homeowners, brokers, and realtors to run through different loan scenarios.  Monthly expenses like HOA and Property Tax are also taken into account.
Open Home Pro (iOS & Droid) The #1 most downloaded app for real estate agents now with custom questions.  With Open Home Pro you can run your open house on your iPad in addition to the following:

  • Manage all walk-ins at weekly open houses or broker opens
  • Automatically follow-up with leads using new contact methods that get opened and read more than 2x the industry average.

Qualifier Plus (iOS & Droid) Advanced Residential and Commercial Investment Loan Calculator.
REALTOR.com® (iOS & Droid) has tons of listings, photos, and updated listing information.  NOTE: if your company provides a mobile app, I would suggest looking at it first and comparing to REALTOR.com.
Real Estate Investor Software (iOS) A great app for your investors to analyze properties.
SeeClickFix (iOS & Droid) Report non-emergency issues to your local government (example trash/high weeds on a Foreclosure.)  Power to the people!
SignNow (iOS & Droid) Sign documents anywhere or get someone to sign for free.  Need to sign a document?  Need to get someone’s signature on a document?  SignNow makes it easy to do both for free, and forget about printing, scanning, or faxing.  Simply:

  • Upload any PDF, Word, or rich text document from your iPhone or iPad, via Email, Dropbox, Camera and more.
  • Sign realistically with your finger.  People won’t even know your signature was electronic.
  • Email the signed document to anyone, or save the document to a free SignNow account.

Sprinkler Times (iOS & Droid) A great app for you and your clients.  Be green.  Save water and money with this app.
Supra eKey (iOS & Droid) with eKEY software allows you to use your iPhone as your lockbox key.  eKEY updates wirelessly so you can do business anywhere!

Social Networking

Facebook Algorithm Update 1.11.18 is “Facebook Zero.”  Understand how the algorithm works now.
Facebook 360 Create true 360 images from your device while in the Facebook app.
Facebook – Ads Official FB page for creating an ad on FB.
Facebook – Ads the Complete Guide Every known piece of data that you can use to create a FB ad from.
Facebook – Create a Business Page Official FB page for creating a business page.
Facebook – Download Your Data Get all of your FB data, including your friends’ list in a downloaded copy.
Facebook – Debugger Not getting an option to choose a photo with your post?  Use this tool.  
Facebook DARE (Dynamic Ads for Real EstateCreate ads that will reach back out to consumers searching real estate websites.
Facebook – Embed a Video This feature allows you to embed videos shared publicly on Facebook into your blogs and websites via code.  Additional instructions on how to do this.
Facebook.com/Username This only works when you are logged into Facebook!  Set a name for your Facebook account and your Business Page that you can promote.
KW Blog Great information that can be easily added to your social networking sites.
MasterNetworks.com –  Networking FOR REAL!  Take your business to the next level.
NextDoor.com Create a free easy site to manage for your neighborhood.
PearlTrees.com Organize your favorite websites and share it with customers.
Pinstamatic Spruce up the look of your Pinterest boards.
Pinterest is the hottest social media site. Here are some helpful links: Pinterest for Business and 18 Board ideas for real estate professionals. Build trust and customer loyalty with Pinterest and use the new look of Pinterest
Pinvolve Automatically sync your Pinterest and Facebook accounts.
SocialFixer.com  Do you have some friends on Facebook that can post annoying things?  You can fix that!
Social Media Examiner A GREAT resource for expanding your brand, content and lead capture on all social media platforms.
Snapchat – Real Estate Marketing Best practices for Snapchat and real estate marketing.
TweetDeck.com App for Mac or PC users
TwitPic.com Add photos to your tweets.

Useful Websites

Browser Stack View your site on over 19 platforms.
Capital One Spark Business Card One of the best options out there for your business.  2% cash or 2X miles card.
Crime Reports Check your area.
DeleteMe Remove things about you online.
Evernote Remember EVERything
Evernote Associated products and apps.  Awesome productivity tools.
Evernote Best things to do with Evernote.
Evernote Search Tools
Evernote Tags How to use a power feature of Evernote.
Evernote Integrate in Gmail!
 When you sync your Google or Outlook.com account with Folio, the magic happens right away. Instantly, Folio starts detecting your transactions and clients in your email and asks if you’d like Folio to organize them. Key dates and deliverables transform into interactive timelines you can share with your clients in an instant (you’ll look like a rock star AND keep everyone on track). : 10% off their Pro plans, click the Folio link to get started.
IFTTT.com If this then that.  Put the internet to work for you.
Internet Archive Wayback Machine Go back in time to view your old website or retrieve long-lost photos/data.
JordanGroup One of the best bookkeeping services in the country.
Map My Run Help your buyers find local running/biking trails near their new home.
Meta Tag Generator Use this to improve your website keywords.
PDFill.com Change PDFs received for only a one time fee of $19.99.
PrimoPDF.com Use this program to change a file into a PDF file.
SeeClickFix Report non-emergency issues to your local government.  Power to the people.
Slydial.com Call someone and have it go directly to their voicemail.
SurveyMonkey.com Create surveys for free that can be used on your website.
Talkwalker A free alternative to Google Alerts.
Verbling Learn a new language in 10-minute conversations.
Zapier Automate hundreds of web apps to make your life easier.


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