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Technology & Safety To Improve Your Business

Become Google Great #34403-3 Hours

Learn numerous sites and tools, all from Google that will give you an edge.  Many who have attended the sessions have applied what they have learned extensions and email safety.  Become a better search engine optimized business owner and create a safer online environment.  Become….Google Great!

$100K Annually with Google My Business #38329-2 Hours

Google My Business is the most essential element for your business.  This 2-hour workshop will allow you to completely set up your account the right way. 

1st Page of Google with Custom Maps #38333-2 Hours

One of the most powerful elements that Google offers is MyMaps.  This workshop will teach everything that you need to know about creating a map and give you plenty of time to apply to your business.

Become The Local Guide #38331-2 Hours

Google Local Guides is one of the best ways to establish yourself as a local community expert.  In this workshop, agents will have extensive to set up their branded logo and create their reviews.

Apps for Business #32037-2 Hours

Manage your business and stay connected to your clients with the latest and great mobile apps.  This class is for both iOS and Droid users.

Video Marketing #35947-2 Hours

This session will teach you everything you need to know to showcase your business with videos.  Learn the hardware/software needs to be an effective video influencer.  View important video benchmarks to help you earn thousands of dollars a year.  During the workshop, you will create your own video channel and more!

Discover Your Facebook Goldmine #38284-3 Hours

Learn how to communicate with your Facebook connections in a meaningful way.  Lead generation techniques via your personal FB page, messenger, video, ads and so much more. Attend this workshop and you will feel empowered after this class!

Create a YouTube Channel to Power Your Business #38328-2 Hours

Video is essential for any business owner.  A YouTube channel is the cornerstone of that marketing.  This session will teach you the ins and outs of creating and maintaining your channel.

Which Cloud to Power My Business? #38330-2 Hours

This session will teach you everything you need to know about which cloud service should you use to power your business.  Evernote, DropBox, Drive…or all of them. The security and safety of cloud computing.

Technology for the Modern Agents & Business Owners #36284-3 Hours

Technology is rapidly disrupting the real estate industry.  In this Mastermind, session come learn the Who, What, Where and Why so you can stay on top of your real estate game with technology.

Rock Your Website New Course-2 Hours

Receive in-depth instruction on each step of the website administration tool and receive tips on how to increase traffic and leads, making it an essential part of each agent’s business.

The Blueprint to Business Building #38673-2 Hours

There is a plan for success with your business.  That plan is intertwined with your personal life.  This session will help you to create a 1-3-5, identify key contacts in life, time blocking, etc. to give you the blueprint to all that you want to achieve.

How to Actually Use LinkedIn for Business #36283-2 Hours

One of the biggest mysteries of all on the internet…solved!  Linkedin has made major strides lately to be relevant again to all of its users.  Learn how business owners apply the proper way to enhance their LinkedIn profile, maximize the lead capture capability of the platform and so much more!

Generate More Leads for Free #34404-3 Hours

This class has a tremendous amount of sites that can be used for lead generation, marketing, hardware/software needs and more.  A variety of topics will be shared and you will be able to apply many of them in the workshop. This workshop will give you the details and motivation to build your business!

Create a Business Blog Course-2 Hours

Creating and updating a blog can be one of the most rewarding, yet frustrating processes for business owners.  In this 2 hour workshop learn everything you need to know about creating a successful business blog.  Receive detailed instructions on how what, where and why of blogs and then have time to create your blog entries for your business.  Mastering your blogging efforts will get you to the top of the search engines quickly!

7 Ways to Improve Your Business This Year #38671-New Course 3 Hours

7 easy (almost too easy to believe) ways to improve your lead generation, streamline your business flow, add to your marketing resources and more.

All the Best Apps for Business-2 Hours

With literally millions of apps to choose from these days it can be overwhelming trying to pick which ones you should use.  Well have no fear, as Bill Davey, a well known lover of all things apps will help by providing you the 20 Best Apps for Real Estate!!

Become a Internet Whiz-2 Hours

Learn about the evolution of today’s consumer, the differents browsers, search engines, leveraging the cloud and branding your business. 

Become a Social Media Superstar- 2 Hours

One of the most powerful elements of the internet. In this workshop we discuss social media evolution and revolution. We will give you a blueprint to getting started and managing the time-suck of social media. Different site and blogging ideas.

Become an Email Expert-1 Hour

In this workshop we will discuss different ways to utilize email, setting up different accounts, improving customer service, risk management, legal guidelines, safety, how drip campaigns can kill and maintaining clients for the long haul with email.

The Essential Technology Toolbox- 2 Hours

Manage your business and stay connected to your clients with the latest technology, equipment, software and great mobile apps.  This class is for both P.C., MAC, iOS and Droid users.

The Connected Consumer-2 Hours

This session will teach you everything you need to know about today’s consumer and how they’ve changed. You will have a better understanding of the rise of tech usage, rise of mobile usage, rise of mobile usage, rise of social media and understanding the new age of consumers. New age consumers are more educated, more prepared, empowered, more demanding, higher expectations, less patient and less loyal. This worship will show you the latest tools and ideas to keep up with the new technology trends.

Dominate the Search Engines (SEO)-2 Hours

In this workshop you will understand search engines and overall SEO advice. We will work on an overall SEO strategy, theory of long tail and keyword section tools. Grasp a better knowledge on page content, images, meta data, drill down pages, lazy loading, social sharing links, site performance, optimization and much more.

Facebook for Business- 2 Hours

This session will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook evolution and revolution. The blueprint for getting started, managing time, setting up a business page, running your page, dummy proofing your page and integrating Facebook into your business.

Finding Consumers With Technology-2 Hours

Technology is rapidly disrupting companies.  In this session come learn the Who, What, Where and Why so you can stay on top of your  game with technology. We will discuss your current state of marketing, website, blog, SEO, PPC, Squeeze pages, landing pages, direct mail, portal sites, banner ads, retargeting, email marketing and social media tools.

Go Paperless and the Cloud-2 Hours

Receive in-depth instruction on each step of what hardware to use, what is the cloud?, file storage, digitizing your office messages, software, task, mobile apps, cloud back up and mobile safety.

How Smart is Your Smart Home-1 Hour

What does it mean to have a smart home and why does it really matter? In this session you will gain a better understanding of all of the smart home technology offerings, why it matters to many potential property owners, how it can help you market and/or sell a property differently and also the legal implications of smart home and iOt devices.

How Technology Can Ruin Your Business-2 Hours

One of the biggest mysteries of all on the internet. This course will discuss intro to data security, risk management, anti-virus protection, passwords, phishing techniques, encryption, social engineering, e-mail security tips, internet usage policies, computer security tips, laws, online etiquette and online reputation management.

Mobile Road Warrior-1 Hour

This class has a tremendous amount of value on how to be as productive on the road as you are in the office. Having the right tools helps safety, frustration and being on demand.

New Communication Tools-2 Hours

Learn numerous sites and tools that have developed throughout the years. This workshop will explore the different platforms on how to communicate in the digital age.

Next Generation Tech Tools-2 Hours

Learn numerous tools and trends. The eco-system, wearable technology, mapping, augmented reality, virtual realty, beacons, drones. iot, 3d, printing, voice activation, cloud, sas, mobile, big data, predictive analysis and the changing landscape.

Run A Successful Website-2 Hours

This hands-on workshop will discuss the hub strategy, spoke marketing strategy, websites from a customers point of view, creating a good user experience, stickiness, a good shopping experience, mobile design, lead capture, legal, picking a website vendor, picking a domain,cross-marketing, ppc, landing pages, google analytics, SEO and converting leads.

Run Your Business on Google & The Cloud-2 Hours

This session will teach you everything you need to know about the cloud, google, chrome web browser, cloud solutions, cpu back up, customer relationship management systems, form management systems, task management systems and other great cloud tools for business.

Video 101-1Hour

This session will teach you different ways of using video in your business, kinds of video cameras, accessories, video editing, tips for shooting great video and video hosting.

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